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Cellists Musicians with a Varied Repertoire 

Did you need a cellist player for your event? How about two cello players playing as a duo or even a cello concerto? Let us, the Ludford duo, two accomplished UK artists take your event to the next level. 

To find out more about the style of our music, and how to hire our services, which is perfect for weddings & celebrations. Please read on. 

Two Cellos in Harmony

Both Ian & Janet have been classed individually as great British cellist. Both with a long career in the music industry and with the cello being their instrument of choice. Before starting off on there own as the Ludford Duo, both Ian & Janet have worked with some of the best orchestras and well-known famous recording artist of this century.

We bring Music of all Tastes to your Event

Whether it’s classical music, pop or folk music with all the best cello players. As the Ludford Duo and best modern cellists, we bring with our performances cello music which is suitable for any type of event. 

As a musical family, we are pleased to bring our stylish music to weddings, birthday parties and corporate events. 

Perfect background Music for Events

A cello player at a wedding or corporate event adds a touch of style and class. We play our instruments in a style that’s exquisite & sophisticated with a sound that brings charm to events. 

Bespoke Performance Sets

If you need a certain style of music for your event, given time we can work as composers and come up with a unique musical piece just for your event or concert. 

We can work as an ensemble with other musicians if for example, you want two cellos and a violin or viola and two cellos or Cello concertos. We are here to help, our main aim is to produce the music you want and your event. 

Make your Event Memorable

As modern cello players, we are able to play a wide range of music, from classical to modern-day pop music. The Cello produces a rich sound which is both deep & vibrant. The tonal range of cellos can be as bright as a piccolo or as mellow as a French horn. 

The music we produce from our instruments is both stylish, rich and versatile. Making any type of events we play, memorable.

Some of the Worlds Greatest Cellists 

Who is the greatest cellist & the best cellists around today, as musicians ourselves it all comes down to personal taste. As British cellists ourselves, we have been fortunate to play with some of today’s all-time greats. 

20th Century Cellists 

Lloyd Webber is the best-known and most famous English cellist, he studied at the Royal College of Music and pursued his interest in musicals. Other greats are, Natalia Gutman, a Russian Cellist, at 80 years old she is still known to this day as the “Queen of the Cello” 

Pierre Fournier was a French Cellist (1906 to 1986) and was called the “aristocrat of cellists” for his musicianship and the majestic sound he produced from his cello and cello playing.

Pablo Casals is one of the celebrated cello players also as a conductor and composer and a fighter for freedom & democracy. Pablo Casals became a musician after listening to Bach’s Cello Suites aged seven years old. After studying in Brussels Casals return to his homeland of Spain and became a principal cellist at the Gran Teatro Del Liceo.

Listen to our Cello Recordings

To give you an idea of the sound of the cello we have put together 7 different styles of music we play at events. These 7 videos can be viewed on our website. Just click “Gallery” and scroll down the page. 

Pricing & Information

Wedding Ceremony – £275.00

Ceremony & Reception – £500.00

Other Celebrations start from a low price of £275.00

To get in touch and find out how we can make your next event memorable, please get in touch. You can use our website contact page and simply send us a message. Let us know the event and the date and we will get back to you as soon as possible.